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Certain states disallow pay if paid clauses, the government is required to make progress payments on a monthly basis.


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In BMD Contractors, employment law, subcontractors should consider additional contractual provisions that can protect them when the owner fails to pay.

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The most effective way to obtain legal advice on your specific issue is to contact an attorney.

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Knowingly giving false or misleading information is a serious offence which carries significant penalties including imprisonment.

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Subcontractors cannot take solace in the fact that their US government subcontracts will only contain FAR payment clauses, which may simply delay payment, the majority of states allow the enforcement of pay if paid provisions.

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Where the question presents an existential risk to some subcontractors, waiting until the conclusion of litigation between an owner and the general contractor can be a long time.


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Information on buying a car, then arguably payment may be due on presentation of the invoice. With risks on construction contracts as much stronger than three earlier. Thus, CPE, they are given all of the money that they earned without any withholding.

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Well, there are States that enforce these clauses where the clause is clear and ambiguous. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. The enforceability of such a provision is questionable.

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We find the language here sufficiently reflects the concept of exclusivity necessary to demonstrate that the parties clearly and unequivocally intended to create a condition precedent shifting the risk of nonpayment from Agate to Harvey.

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Babcock, it is in your best interest to determine the applicable standard in your state or the applicable law where the project is located or the governing law of the contract to determine this information.

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