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Definition Of Clauses With Examples

When a clause is obscurely written, it ought to be construed in such a way as to agree with what precedes and what follows, if possible.

What happened while my teacher taught me to read? The relative pronoun or relative adverb may function as the subject of the clause. Adverbial clauses generally follow the main clause unless otherwise stated.

You might remember the definition of a clause from a past Everyday Grammar program.

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There are other Swedish verbs that can also be followed by subject predicatives.

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Is a sentence a clause plus dislocated elements? As its name indicates, an independent clause can stand on its own as a sentence. No headings were found on this page. It joins the two clauses.

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The adverbial clause modifies how you will drive. Essential clauses restrictive or relative clauses includes information that is. The sentence in the subject pronoun and phrases act easier than, with clauses make. The pig has not yet been fed!


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